The following outlines the WindStone ARC Guidelines and On-line applications which is divided into two sections. Print versions are available here. Section 1 click here. Section 2 click here.


Section 1  Maintenance, and non structural improvements to existing homes such as painting, landscaping, mailboxes etc.


By clicking on an icon for painting, landscaping, new roof, etc. Members/Property Owners can:


  • View the guidelines for the area of their home they wish to improve
  • Immediately following the guidelines is an on-line application specific to the change requested that goes directly to the ARC for prompt review.


 Please note:  For Section 1 applications the following information is no longer required for a complete application--- this information is still required for Section 2 applications along with execution of "Owner and Builder/Contractor Statement of Commitment and Responsibility.


  1. Contractor information
  2. Insurance information
  3. Inclusion of permits to the ARC but Members/Property Owners still need to secure any required Permits


Section 2  Structural changes to existing homes and for building a new Windstone Home.  Section 2 guidelines DO require contractor information, insurance information, and all permits be included in the application process.  In addition Section 2 also requires execution of  "Owner and Builder/Contractor Statement of Commitment and Responsibility which can be viewed by clicking here.


The Windstone POA has NO responsibility or any liability for Member/Property Owner failure to secure permits and failure to hire a licensed and insured contractor.





Section 2 - Builders Guidelines /  New Homes / Additions / Major Changes