Fencing, Gazebo & Decorative Walls (Martin County Permit Required)

Below are the guidelines for fences, gazebos, and decorative walls. Please read the below guidelines and then complete the online application on the WindStone website. You will be submitting this online application directly to the WindStone ARC.


Who to contact at Martin County for fencing, gazebo, and decorative wall information/permits:


John Tobey (772-288-5956) Engineering Department 2401 SE Monterey, Stuart, Florida 34956  (You should contact Mr. Toby first concerning placement of Fences, Decorative Walls etc.)


Building Department 900 SE Ruhnke Street, Stuart, Florida 34994


Building Permits 772-288-5916


Inspections 772-288-5916


Fencing, Gazebo & Decorative Wall

Fencing, gazebos, and decorative walls must be placed on member properties per Martin County Regulations, which requires compliance with setback, property lines, height requirements, and environmental compliance (Wetland Preserves, Tortoise Preserve, and C-23 Canal). The Owners of parcels 1 through 36, which abut the Gopher Tortoise Preserve, shall not fence that portion of their parcel so the Gopher Tortoises to have free access to their parcels.


1. All fences must be metal and 1 color. Color should blend with the surrounding

environment; both natural (vegetation and topography) as well as the built environment

(other surrounding homes/structures).


2. Front yards may not be fenced. Fencing may not extend beyond the front elevation of the house.


3. The following types of fencing are not approved.


• Highly decorated fencing or fencing with figurines.

• Wire mesh fencing including chicken wire fencing.

• Split rail fencing.

• Chain link fences.

• Vinyl fencing except as a child barrier for swimming pools to meet code requirements.


4. Gazebos will be considered on a case-by-basis under the following conditions.

• Gazebos may be placed in the back yard only. Gazebos will only be approved if they are sized appropriately for the area chosen, are not offensive to neighbors, enhance the architecture of your home and meet Martin County requirements for foundations and lot placement restrictions.

• All requests must include a landscape plan, which must be approved by the ARC.

• Per section 6.2 of the WindStone Covenants, Owners must paint and maintain the structure(s) which would include any approved Gazebo.


5. Decorative Walls will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please submit the concept of your request and the ARC will consult with you on this request.




Fencing change to existing “Owner” home

Please complete and submit this on-line application








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Plans can be digitized and attached or paper plans dropped off with an ARC member.  Please indicate how you wish to submit the plans:

 A member will contact me to make arrangements.

Upload Plans Here

It is the responsibility of the WindStone Owner to secure a Contractor who is licensed and properly insured.


NOTE:  A Martin County Permit is required for these changes.  It is owner’s responsibility to secure a Martin County permit.