Drainage (Martin County Permit Required)

Below are the guidelines for drainage. Please read the below guidelines and then complete the online application on the WindStone website. You will be submitting

this online application directly to the WindStone ARC.


Who to Contact for Information Concerning the WindStone drainage requirements:


Martin County Growth Management (Zoning and Environmental) 2401 SE Monterey, Stuart, Florida 34956


Environmental Compliance/Wetlands/Upland Preserves: 772-288-5501


South Florida Water Management: 561-686-8000


Tree Removal Martin County: 772-288-5511


Martin County Extension Office: 772-288-5654


Drainage Information


The Preserves/Canal Interface/Tortoise Preserve/WindStone Drainage are important elements of the WindStone Community and activities concerning these elements are

regulated by WindStone’s Covenants section 11 (Gopher Tortoise Preserve, Conservation Areas, Environmental Resource and Preserve Area Management Plan (PAMP), South Florida Water Management and Martin County Growth Management. These agencies will strictly enforce compliance with all regulations specified in Section 11 of the WindStone Covenants.


Per 4.4 of the Preserve Area Management Plan “Prohibited activities in the preserve areas include but are not limited to: construction or placing building materials on or above

ground, dumping or placing soil or other substances such as garbage, trash, or other vegetation, excavation, dredging or removal of soil material, diking or fencing, recreational

vehicle use, and any activities detrimental to drainage, flood control, water conservation, erosion control, or fish and wildlife habitat conservation or preservation.”

The ARC will follow the regulations per section 11 of the WindStone Covenants, as well as input from Martin County and South Florida Water Management concerning any Owner requests for activities within the:

• Wetland preserves.

• Lakes, retention, and detention ponds.

• Tortoise Preserves.

• Drainage easements within certain properties.


The building of structures, construction of all kinds, debris, and play areas are prohibited in these drainage easements. Select landscaping may be approved if it does not impede the proper drainage in the easement area. Further guidance pertaining to Owners who have drainage easements is as follows: “Because there are numerous properties that are an integral part of WindStone’s drainage infrastructure which fall under the governance of WindStone’s PAMP, Martin County, and South Florida Water Management, each Owner and Contractor/Builder shall adhere to WindStone’s Covenants and Restrictions as well as to WindStone’s PAMP based on each Owner’s survey with regard to Preservation, Wetlands, Conservation and Drainage areas."



Drainage change to existing “Owner” home

Please complete and submit this on-line application


Plans can be digitized and attached or paper plans dropped off with an ARC member.  Please indicate how you wish to submit the plans:

 A member will contact me to make arrangements.







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It is the responsibility of the WindStone Owner to secure a Contractor who is licensed and properly insured.


NOTE:  A Martin County Permit is required for drainage changes.  It is owner’s responsibility to secure a Martin County permit.

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